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I have been playing in symphony orchestras for nearly 40 years. As each year of my career unfolds, it becomes a matter of math, meaning that a greater and greater percentage of my playing life is accomplished through the use of symphonic mouthpieces with very low alpha angles. When called upon to sit in a lead trumpet chair, this has made my transition to traditional-design, shallower lead-type mouthpieces a challenge as of late, as lead-type mouthpieces with high alpha angles that once worked well for me, are no longer as reliable nor predictable on such occasions.

I have recently been blessed with the discovery of the Northern Brass line of mouthpieces. While selecting suitable alpha angles and rim contours seems to be a fairly confusing science, Northern Brass has made it all very easy in a design that plays well, sounds great in all registers and for me at least, works great in the upper registers of the horn without shutting down on me unexpectedly. What I like most about these designs is that I can play them without having to alter the way I perform on my larger, B-type-cup symphony mouthpiece. Though considerably smaller, the Northern Brass mouthpieces don’t feel small, nor constricting nor appreciably different than what I play in the orchestra, until of course I aim for things well above the staff when they do what they do and sizzle and shine!

These are great mouthpieces and I highly recommend them. Thank you Northern Brass for a great design!

Bill Lucas

Trumpet, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Orchestral: Schilke M2* #22 throat

Northern Brass: 3-64 *** & 3-64 ****

I have used the Northern Brass 3-63*** in all situations; including big band lead since they were introduced several years ago. The NB 63 Flugel is my favorite flugelhorn mouthpiece. I have used both mouthpieces on recordings with "The Big Band of Praise" I added a gold plated Northern Brass 3-63** to my arsenal as a lead piece. Very consistent throughout the range. My first publicly performed Double High C while using the Northern Brass 3-63** happened in July 2018!
Check out Mike's precise lead playing with his 3-63*** and Callet "Jazz" Trumpet


Mike Wittkopp
(Lead Trumpet Big Band of Praise)
Northern Brass 3-63**, 3-63***, 3-63 Flugelhorn


So I got a cool compliment today. I’m playing the Big Apple Circus in DC this week and someone today said how they were impressed how I can change my sound so easily. Big fat and bright, then warm and delicate, and I can still do the classical stuff. Best part is.....I am only using my Northern Brass Mouthpieces by GR 3-63*** on the show!

And my 62p-s for pic. I love how easy it is to play and how all GR’s sound fat and resonate.

Joshua Kauffman (Split Lead The Army Blues)
Northern Brass 3-63***, 3-65***



I play on the Northern Brass 3-65 *** mouthpiece and love it. This is the best mouthpiece I have ever played on.The mouthpiece projects your sound, helps you nail high notes all while letting you maintain a big rich tone. It's unreal. Lee Adams has a few videos of me demonstrating it. Please check out my YouTube!



Johnny Gutierrez
Northern Brass 3-65***


Kenneth McGee playing on his Northern Brass 4-65GP*** on "Georgia on my mind" and the Northern Brass 3-65*** on a couple of swing band gigs along with his daughter Renee McGee she is playing on a GR E65Z mouthpiece.


Kenneth McGee
(Lead Trumpet The Army Blues)
Northern Brass 3-65***, 4-65***,4-65M