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Reintroducing the Callet Jazz Flugelhorn! In Silver plate.

Utilizing a radically new slide routing, the Callet Jazz Flugelhorn ended the long existing intonation problems inherent in flugelhorns. The new routing, a .460 bore, and the custom 6" bronze bell produces a rich, dark sound with outstanding evenness and superior power in every register, even the high end.

**New developments for 2017**
The Jazz flugelhorn is now better than ever! A new and improved lead pipe is installed at our custom shop in Atlanta where the response, sound and intonation has been further enhanced with final testing and tweaking assistance from George Rawlin.
Available and in stock!! $2850.00 (silver plate)
Price $2850.00 includes a Pro Tec flugelhorn case $161.00 value. 5 day trial period buyer pays return shipping. No trial period on Instruments shipped outside of the USA.
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