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*New for 2017*

The Callet "Jazz" trumpet with a smaller .346 venturi lead pipe. Adds resistance and increased focus in the low, middle and upper registers.
This new addition is getting good feedback from players who have tried the Jazz in the past and desired more resistance. Provides a better balance for players who use average to larger diameter and deeper cup mouthpieces as well as some commercial/lead players just like the extra bit of efficiency.

An optional main slide is available in a specially designed .464 straight through (non conical) with a squared bow that adds brightness and resistance. This allows you to handle a wide variety of sound and playing requirements! The horn can be customized the way YOU want it to play! $2800.00 Includes a Protec contoured or rectangular MAX case.
***The .346 lead pipe version is currently only available during shop visits and custom fitting sessions.*** Inventory will be available soon!

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