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4-65**** (Click here to purchase)

4-65**** (Click here to purchase)

Our Price: $230.00

Product Code: 4-65-4STAR

Northern Brass 4-65**** Trumpet Mouthpiece .650 inner diameter
This model has the #4 semi flat rim which is similar to the GR e rim but not as wide overall and has a medium shallow **** cup.
There is a sufficient amount of what many refer to as "undercut" for chop room. A great choice for those who bottom out on the 13a4a,14a4 or the Shew models and similar shallow mouthpieces The GR #1 back bore is used to maintain a focused and versatile sound. Players who like this model also like the 4-65***. This model is identical to the previous 65GP and 4-65GP***
Please see the Northern Brass Mouthpieces Description section for more info on the rims and cups.

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