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Dealer/Callet Trumpets,Flugelhorns

James Knabe
Trumpet Artist-Teacher-Speaker-Ministry
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.trumpeter.com

James has performed as a soloist and classical artist across the USA. He currently travels the country with his music ministry and also works as a clinician and speaker.
Keep up with James' Itinerary to see if he is going to be in an area near you! He carries Callet trumpets, the Callet "Jazz" Flugelhorn. He is available to do fittings and help you select the right Callet Trumpet.


Dealer/Callet Trumpets,Flugelhorns

The Horn Trader

HornTrader.com 1st hit the World Wide Web in 1998. Owned and operated by Steve Dillard, the HornTrader Web site was the first of its kind and still the best site to find quality horns, related gear, and information for the discerning trumpeter.
Steve brings extensive professional experience to HornTrader.com. Not only has he spent many years in the trumpet manufacturing industry working with Benge and Calicchio, he is also a very active freelance trumpet player and teacher.