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Dealer/Callet Trumpets,Flugelhorns and Northern Brass Mouthpieces.

James Knabe
Trumpet Artist-Teacher-Speaker-Ministry
Email: james@trumpeter.com
Web: www.trumpeter.com

James has performed as a soloist and classical artist across the USA. He currently travels the country with his music ministry and also works as a clinician and speaker.
Keep up with James' Itinerary to see if he is going to be in an area near you! He carries Callet trumpets, the Callet "Jazz" Flugelhorn and Northern Brass Mouthpieces with him. He is available to do mouthpiece fittings and help you select the right Custom Callet Trumpet.


Dealer/Callet Trumpets and Flugelhorns

George Rawlin
Web: grawlin.com
Email: Gwrawlin@earthlink.net

George Rawlin a top call studio and sessions trumpeter in the Atlanta area from 1972-1999. With a performing and recording credits list that is a mile long. Since 2002 he has become known as "The Trumpet Whisperer" from his extraordinary ability at tweaking trumpets to improve their playability and sound! All of the Callet.com trumpets and flugelhorns are tweaked by George!