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Callet Jazz (click here to expand and see more photos)

The Callet Jazz trumpet is back!
This is one of the trumpets that set the standard for modern super horns. Beautiful sound in any register, great intonation, response, exceptional projection. Upper register response and slotting to handle modern trumpet literature with ease. Finding it's way into every music venue. While hugely popular among lead trumpeters it found its way into Symphony Orchestras and everywhere in between.

Originally introduced around 1990 using the EXPANDABORE principle where the reversed lead pipe venturi began at .*353* at the receiver end and then gradually expands to .450 at the beginning of the main tuning slide. Then continues to .460 at the tapered tuning crook. The expansion continues around the curve of the main tuning slide to its final size of .470 going into the third piston. thus creating a true conical bore trumpet. Which makes the Jazz play and respond like a small bore trumpet or cornet while retaining the volume and projection for which Callet trumpets are famous. If your desire in a trumpet is one which can express your musical ideas softly with dark lyrical sound when that is your wish, yet can provide power and projection when your performance demands it. Then the Jazz might be for you.

Around 1998 the third slide conversion became standard on all new models. See the photo of the underslung third valve slide. It was found that with this alteration the trumpet responded even better. This configuration can be seen on Pre War Besson trumpets. With a small adjustment period most find that it is easier to operate the slide with the pinky and the horn stays more stable when triggering.

The original .353 venturi worked best with high efficiency mouthpieces. Within a couple of years the lead pipe venturi changed to .348 to .350 to accommodate a wider range of mouthpieces and to fit more players. Jerome would hand tweak and open up the pipes for players who wanted the larger venturi sizes.

For 2017 the lead pipes now have their original venturi sizes stamped into the receiver. Venturi sizes of .346 .348 and .350 will be offered. All three venturi sizes are usually available during shop visits and fitting sessions. Email for availability.

With the 3 different lead pipe options and 5 all new main tuning slide options ***coming soon*** assures that the Callet Jazz can be fitted to virtually anyone, and to meet all of your playing requirements!

1. Optional Expandabore main slide with a brace added.
2. Optional .464 straight through (non conical) main slide with a squared type bow adds resistance, brilliance and super fast response.
3. Optional .460 straight through (non conical) main slide with a squared type bow adds resistance, brilliance and super fast response.
4. Optional .460 rounded slide decreases resistance, darkens the sound.
5. Optional .464 rounded slide decreases resistance, darkens the sound.

Also for 2017. The lead pipes are meticulously drawn with a new and improved method at M/K.
Then the venturi is carefully set to the exact thousandth of an inch by Lee Adams and carefully hand fitted to the special heavy receivers here at the custom shop in Atlanta which includes the exclusive new ART (advanced resonance technology).
The lead pipes are sent to Kanstul where our Jazz bell mandrel remains and the bells, valves, assembly and finishing are completed.
$2800.00 in silver plate. Includes a Protec Contoured or Rectangular MAX case. Chose your lead pipe venturi in the sub category drop down.