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The Callet "Jazz" trumpet with a smaller .346 venturi lead pipe. Adds resistance and increased focus in the low, middle and upper registers.
This new addition is getting good feedback from players who have tried the Jazz in the past and desired more resistance. Provides a better balance for players who use average to larger diameter and deeper cup mouthpieces as well as some commercial/lead players just like the extra bit of efficiency.
An additional heavier braced main tuning slide allows the player to darken the sound and make the slots firmer if they so desire. Additionally an optional .460 bore main slide is available. Allowing the sound and resistance to be tailored to a wide variety of player preferences and performance requirements.
Excellent response and slotting from low F# to double high C.

Includes a precision valve alignment with exclusive port balancing. Special micro-lap valve fitting. Play testing by Lee Adams and tweaking by George Rawlin with a variety of resonance enhancing procedures. Each trumpet receives several hours of refinements after the initial assembly!

Includes a quality case. Protec Pro Contour or comparable.
email for availability [email protected]

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