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Northern Brass "Star Series" Mouthpieces are back!

Identification is easy! Here is how it works. Example 4-63 **** and 3-63 ***

The first number is the rim ID.
The 4 rim has wider flatter feel without causing excess lip impingement.
The 3 rim has a more rounded feel with good support without feeling too narrow.

Both of these rims have a soft/medium soft bite and are very comfortable.
A unique benefit from the Northern Brass rim design is that with their width and high point placement it makes the smaller .630 inner diameter feel larger than you might expect thus making it easier to downsize as that you have similar lip engagement of a larger diameter while gaining the efficiency of the smaller cup.

The 2 digit number is the rim inner diameter (63=.630) (64=.640) (65=.650) (66=.660)

The stars ***, ****, ***** identifies the cup type.
The *** is a shallow cup. Bright but fat trumpet sound.
The **** is medium shallow with slightly darker sound very flexible.
The ***** is slightly deeper than the **** and allows more lip in the cup with a slightly broader sound yet still very efficient.
All GP models have the *** cups with the #4 rims.
GR #1 back bore provides focus, efficiency, and a flexible sound.

All Northern Brass models are mathematically and acoustically designed by GR Technologies to create unique high efficiency mouthpieces that are capable of much more than just assisting the upper register.

Originally designed and manufactured by GR as custom designs made for Bruce Lee to help solve the problems inherent in mouthpieces designed for upper register work, and for efficient all around playing.
Very high alpha angles can not be played well by most players the sound becomes brittle and articulations are very sloppy. Very low alpha angles can make articulations harsh and sound very tinny.

GR designed the NB mouthpieces keeping in mind first, an alpha angle which is playable by the majority of players. This unique alpha angle was developed in order to keep the chops supple and free to vibrate, yet provide support and fast, clean articulations. Players will experience a much broader spectrum of sound with NB compared to other commercial / lead designs. Higher as well as lower overtones are full and in focus.

Northern Brass Mouthpieces are known for their solid upper register, but not at the expense of producing a good sound in the low and middle registers, pointed articulations, and acrobatic flexibility make the NB some of the most versatile mouthpieces available.

The line originally was developed around the .630 size which has the most rim and cup options for now. Larger diameters with the #4 rim are currently available. However we do not believe that one size nor one rim style fits everyone. This is why we have GR currently working on new models which will include the #3 rim option on all of the existing diameters and cup styles coming soon.