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**Coming Soon**
The Prototype is available for testing only during shop visits at this time.

The New for 2017 Callet "Jazz" LT trumpet was well received at the ITG conference this year!
This great new trumpet is a lightweight version of the famous Callet "Jazz" trumpet! The standard "Jazz" body and the"Expandabore" concept continues to be utilized but with a thinner .017" bell. This allows for a super fast response with a brighter sound.
Offered in two different lead pipe venturi sizes .346 and .348.
An additional heavier braced main tuning slide allows the player to darken the sound and make the slots firmer if they so desire. Allowing the sound to be tailored to a wide variety of performance requirements.
Excellent response and slotting from low F# to double high C.
Includes a precision valve alignment with exclusive port balancing. Special micro-lap valve and slide fitting. Valve port edges are hand polished. Play testing by Lee Adams and tweaking by George Rawlin with a variety of resonance enhancing procedures. Each trumpet receives several hours of refinements after the initial assembly!
Includes a high quality case. Protec Pro Contour or comparable.
$3090.00 email for availability studioartist464@gmail.com