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3-66*** (Click here to purchase)

3-66*** (Click here to purchase)

Our Price: $215.00

Product Code: 3-66-3STAR

*New for 2017*


This unique high efficiency mouthpiece design has the shallow brighter sounding *** cup and the comfortable rounded #3 rim. There is a sufficient amount of what many refer to as "undercut". Players who bottom out on mouthpieces like the 13a4a,14a4a and the shallow Shew model mouthpieces often like this model.This was chosen as one of the most popular models from the original beta testers and put into use by professional players, serious recreational players, and come back players. The big and bright trumpet sound generated by this mouthpiece is truly exceptional. A sizzling sound that soars into the double registers yet remains full in the low and middle range. Lightning fast response and articulations with good sound and intonation.
Players who like this model also like the 3-66**** model. See the Northern Brass description page for more info on cups and rims.

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