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Gold Plating

Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French Horn Mouthpieces
Whole Mouthpiece (1 or 2 piece) $45.00. Rim & Cup Section Only, Modular Tops or Back bores. $30.00

Trombone or Baritone Mouthpiece
Whole Mouthpiece $50.00. Rim and Cup Section Only. Tops or Back bores $40.00

Tuba Mouthpieces
Whole Mouthpiece $60.00. Rim and Inside Cup $50.00

Flute & Piccolo Lip Plates $45.00. End Crowns $15.00

Send the items that you want plated to the address below with your contact information email, phone and return address. Once items are received and placed into rotation we will invoice you through Paypal. No Paypal account is required you can pay with a regular credit card from the invoice. Our turn around times for gold plating is usually within 3 to 5 days yet often much faster. Return mail is by USPS flat rate box $8.00 and is not included in the plating price.
At times when we are temporarily away like at ITG Conferences etc. An announcement will be made on this page at least one week prior.
Mouthpieces need to arrive clean inside and out with silver still intact for best results as that plating gold over raw brass the copper in the brass quickly leeches into the gold and compromises its durability.
See Silver Restoration below if you need silver restoration.

Send items to:
Custom Gold Plating
1475 Buford Dr
Suite 403-306
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

All Gold plating is done in house here at Callet Custom Trumpets Shop. We have been doing custom gold plating for over 18 years!

Mouthpiece Restoration and Re silvering
Includes stripping off the old silver lightly buffing all surfaces with tremendous care given to the rims playing surface so much so that we only polish the rim itself by hand (not with a speed buffer) to preserve the original rim contour and feel as much as possible. Therefore indentations, pits and deep marks will be left and plated over top of on the rims playing surface to help insure the original feel is retained as much as possible. We are trumpet geeks as well so we know the deal!
Email us to quote restoration work at [email protected] and include photos of what you have. Having multiple mouthpieces restored at the same time greatly reduces the overall cost per item.
We use Theta-Plate in New Mexico for silver plating so our turn around time is longer on restorations. Usually around 3 weeks turn around. Ball park on restorations $45.00 Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Flugelhorn. $60.00 Trombone, Tuba.

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