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The Callet Jazz Trumpet & Callet Jazz Flugelhorns are in production and in stock!
Northern Brass "Star Series" mouthpieces. 6 New models for 2017!

The new Callet Jazz LT a lighter weight version of this famous trumpet.
The new Studio Artist .464
The new Studio Artist .464 LT

The Callet Jazz Trumpet and the Callet Jazz Flugelhorns. These tried and proven modern super horns are still made from the original lead pipe and bell tooling that we bought from Jerome Callet when he retired and closed his shop at 125 Lake Ave Staten Island around 2003.
The lead pipes are meticulously drawn with a new and improved method at M/K.
Then the venturi is carefully set to the exact thousandth of an inch by Lee Adams and carefully hand fitted to the special heavy receivers here at the custom shop in Atlanta which includes the exclusive new ART (advanced resonance technology).
Then the lead pipes are sent to Kanstul where our Jazz bell mandrel remains and the bells, valves, assembly and finishing are completed.

For 2017 The Callet Jazz has three lead pipe venturi size options .346 .348 and .350.
Add to that 5 new main tuning slide options (available during shop visit/fitting sessions) and you can create a trumpet that works for YOU and all of your different playing requirements! 5 different lead pipe gap options to chose from during custom fittings for full customization.
Add to this the new Jazz LT (Lightweight) model, the new Studio Artist and Studio Artist LT there is a model to suit virtually anyone.

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Originally designed and manufactured by GR as custom designs made for Bruce Lee to help solve the problems inherent in mouthpieces designed for upper register work, and for efficient all around playing.
Very high alpha angles can not be played well by most players the sound becomes brittle and articulations are very sloppy. Very low alpha angles can make articulations harsh and sound very tinny.

GR designed the NB mouthpieces keeping in mind first, an alpha angle which is playable by the majority of players. This unique alpha angle was developed in order to keep the chops supple and free to vibrate, yet provide support and fast, clean articulations. Players will experience a much broader spectrum of sound with NB compared to other commercial / lead designs. Higher as well as lower overtones are full and in focus.

Northern Brass Mouthpieces are known for their solid upper register, but not at the expense of producing a good sound in the low and middle registers, pointed articulations, and acrobatic flexibility make the NB some of the most versatile mouthpieces ever made.

After trying virtually everything on the mouthpiece market in recent years. I kept returning to the original Northern Brass models and GR made mouthpieces as unsurpassed in quality and playability. I contacted my old friend Bruce Lee about restarting the Northern Brass line. So we are thrilled to have GR the world leader in mouthpiece technology making the original Northern Brass line. With 6 new models with the #3 rim added to the line for 2017. This expands the line to fit even more players.